A name you can trust for selection and installation- 

     Builders Wholesale offers the largest selection, best prices, and quality guaranteed installation on granite, quartz, and solid surface countertops. Choosing and buying granite, quartz, and solid surface tops are a big decision. As a customer of Builders Wholesale, you will have an unbelievably large selection of each type of countertops, all with vast choices of color and nosings. On display are over 30 different color tops, ranging in size from 2' all the way to 6'. We also have numerous other color samples and a great display of sinks. Throughout the selection process, and all the way through the installation, you will find us thorough, efficient, and value oriented. We give you the peace of mind that your tops will be delivered and installed professionally. We guarantee installation. This takes the stress out of the project, and will enable you to spend more time enjoying the selection process, and your tops themselves, and not worrying about things that could potentially go wrong. When your tops are done, we want you to look, use, brag on, and love them....all the while thinking of us.

      Selection, selection, selection-

      Granite colors can be relatively consistent, or really inconsistent. It's a matter of personal taste which you prefer. As mentioned, we have on display numerous colors and styles, both the consistent and inconsistent varieties. We do recommend viewing the actual slabs before templating. In this whole region, there are 2 major granite slab importers- one in Crafton, PA and the other in Etna, PA. At any given time they may each have over 400 different slabs in their warehouse, all with varying colors and consistencies. Customers can actually tag their slabs, and then our fabricators will pick the slabs up, template, fabricate, and then install them. The hardest part from a customer's point of view is selecting one color from the vast selections available. All we would need is a rough layout of your kitchen, either via in person, fax, or email, and then depending on which color you choose we give you a price. If you'd like a quote, just call us at 1.800.294.0675. 
     Once an order is placed, here's how the process works. Within a few days of the order being placed, a professional will come to your home and do a laser templating, using the most modern equipment. You can keep your current countertops on for this procedure. Within approximately 3 weeks of the time of the templating, your tops will then be installed by a professional team, with satisfaction once again guaranteed. Your current tops need to be off by the scheduled day of install. We install a very large amount of tops, all within a hundred mile or so radius, to rave reviews. Our fabricators/installers are members of the SFA (Stone Fabricators Alliance), an international organization devoted to quality stone fabrication and installation and accredited by the Marble Institute. We use 2 Photo Top templating systems, 1 LT55 Laser templating system, and 2 CNC Machines (Northwood for stone, AXYZ for solid surface). We also are virtually the only retailer offering Zodiaq thermoforming, which means we can take the material on edge and bend it to a contour. Purchasing your tops from Builders Wholesale gives you the latest technology, largest selection, and finest installation.    

       We realize that buying tops are expensive and that there are alot of places selling tops. We usually are the best priced to start with, but price is not the only factor in buying tops. Quality, quality, quality is the biggest factor, and Builders Wholesale offers tremendous quality and value. You don't want to spend a substantial amount of money on your dream top, only to have it templated wrong, have a bad mitre, installed poorly, or to be made out of an inferior thickness. Maybe the backsplash is cracked, the nosing is not polished in spots or at all, or the undermount sink is wrong or installed badly. Maybe the crew that templates or installs gets the island wrong or doesn't support it correctly. We occassionally will see advertised a very low price on usually granite. What they don't say is that it is 2 cm thick granite, and not the standard 3 cm. It may not sound like a big deal, but it absolutely is. 2 cm product is much weaker, will break, and is susceptible to cracking. Most often it doesn't even have a warranty. Also accompanying 'cheap' prices is a limited color choice, maybe only 2 or 3 colors available at that price, and only offering one nosing option. The other factor is the installation crew. Who are they, and do they guarantee their work? Any number of problems can arise when purchasing granite/quartz/solid surface. Let us put your mind at ease. Price is important, but quality is most important. BW offers the advantages of a large volume dealer, and yet the personal touch and care of a small store. We feel confident when weighing price, quality, value, and dealing with a name you can trust, you will find Builders Wholesale the best place to purchase your tops. Just call 1.800.294.0675 for a quote.

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