Builders Wholesale carries premium quality lumber and plywood at great prices. Whether its a small or large project, we have the products and prices to fill your needs. If you do have a large project, we also specialize in package deals. Our regular lumber is in most cases considered a # 1 grade. Generally speaking, nice and straight with 4 square edges. A few years ago, we decided to upgrade our lumber to a premium grade. Our prices are still great, but they may be just a slight bit higher than yards selling the cheap grade with crooked, cupped, bowed, and barked wood. We think the overall benefits of selling a premium grade more than offsets the very small price difference.

     Premium lumber eliminates wasting your time sorting through wood and having to bring it back if it was delivered. Premium lumber allows us to make a smaller margin because we aren't sorting near as much and there isn't the waste in our yard. Instead of trying to be the absolute cheapest price with the cheapest quality in lumber, we have the best quality with a very low price. If you haven't bought lumber from us in awhile, give us a shot on your next project and see our difference in quality. We also carry a full selection of plywood, osb, underlayment, and even MDO plywood.

     In addition to having all the lumber and plywood, we also have unbeatable prices on pressure treated lumber. Call us at 304.387.2932 for any pricing. Virtually all of our treated lumber is also # 1 grade, so you don't have to worry about quality when buying from Builders Wholesale. We also deliver for a small price. Whether a large or small project, we have the material and pricing to serve your needs.

     We also have great pricing on trusses, 1X material, LVL's, and I Joists.

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